Primal Days


Trying to live the primal or paleo lifestyle, but need a little nudge? Want to get a healthy start on the New Year?

Primal Day

Primal Days is an easy and fun-to-use activity tracker focused on reinforcing primal or paleo habits. Rather than focusing solely on diet or exercise, Primal Days helps you keep track of your whole day: food, activity, exercise, sleep, sunshine, and play!

Set targets for your week, and track progress over time.


Simply drag in the “petroglyphs” representing the activities you performed for the day. Tweet them if you want. Most importantly, you will be able to look back honestly at the choices you made and behaviors you engaged in, and thus see if you are hitting your goals. Or not.


On the iPhone 5s Primal Days also tracks your daily step count automatically and updates with your total steps when you manage your day.


How Primal was your day?


Primal Days Icon152


  • For food, it is up to you to determine what is good (orange), what is OK (yellow), and what is SAD (brown).
  • Example food guidelines: 100% paleo/primal is orange, achieving 80% for the day is yellow, and anything worse is brown — SAD, like the Standard American Diet.
  • Walking is satisfied by any longer duration moderate activity, such as a leisurely bike ride.
  • In some regions, the sun option is best used to represent taking your daily vitamins (especially Vitamin D).
  • Sprinting could be intervals on a bike or in a pool, HIIT, a Crossfit MetCon, or anything short and intense. (Don’t hurt yourself.)
  • Notes can be used to keep you honest on foods, to log how much you lift, or to capture mood, energy, or health.
  • The blue and white bird is a Tweet Button. Tweet away!
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    14 thoughts on “Primal Days

    1. Hi, I bought the Primal Days app for the iPhone 5 and used it all through Jan. 2014. I love this app, but unfortunately it stopped working in Feb. Now it only shows the date, not the score for the day. Please help!

      • Sarah,

        Sorry about that. It is definitely a bug. The good news is I already have a fix for it, but it will probably be a week — or maybe a bit longer — before Apple approves it and it is released.

        Also, this is just a text display bug. So, the app is still keeping track of your scores if you enter your activities and you’ll be able to see everything just fine once the fix is released.

        Sorry again about the bug!

        • Thank you so much for the reply! I am thrilled to hear that it is still keeping track of my scores and that I will not have to re-enter everything once the fix is released. It is great that this is just a minor bug so hopefully the fix will be available soon.

          Thanks for making this available. It is my favorite app on my phone (or will be again as soon as it is fixed! 😉 ).


    2. Hi, Sarah here again! 🙂 I have another question – is it possible to see an average score for each month in the history with Primal Days. I want to look back and compare the monthly average score over the past three months or so. Is there a way I can do that with the app? I have not yet found a “monthly average” (or weekly average) button in the history.


      • Sarah,

        No, there is not currently such a capability. I was wondering if anyone would want to see averages like that. Since you asked, I should definitely be able to add the monthly average to the History tab. It will be a couple of weeks before you’ll see it come out.

        FYI, I have an update making its way through the review process right now, so when you see it (version 1.22), don’t be surprised when it does NOT have this capability yet. Averages will be in an update to follow.

        • Thank you so much! I really appreciate you being so receptive to feedback and continuing to improve Primal Days. It is such a great app, and, since I have no intention to stop using it, I will definitely keep looking for an upcoming addition to the History tab with weekly and/or monthly averages. Thanks again for all you do to help people live healthier, Primal-er lives! 🙂 I can’t wait to see the new 1.22 update and also to eventually be able to look back through my history and see how I have gotten “more Primal” over time.

          Take care,

    3. hi This is a good app. I get confused by the stick figures. Can I have words instead with some more colours? Or optional symbols.. And optional extra boxes… Up to ten. (Mark Sissons) ten primal laws. Use my brain etc…

      • How long have you used the app? Most users report that after a few days or a week, the images work and I fear that adding too much more (words, colors) would just clutter things up. The Goals tab tells you what each is until you remember.

        As for more goals, I’d like to be able to, but right now there isn’t an easy/scalable way for me to expand beyond what I have, and I don’t have the time right now to re-work this completely to fit more items. Sorry. (I’m aware of Mark’s stuff, obviously, but I also felt like using your brain and not taking risks and what-not didn’t fit terribly well in the things I actually wanted to track.)

        Thanks for your support.

    4. Hi, I’ve just discovered your app, and purchased the upgrade which apparently should remove ad’s, however after a minute or so, the ad’s reappeared. I have removed and reinstalled the app, restored purchase, and the same thing happened again, although I still have the option of my 8th activity. Would be great to have this fixed, as removing the ad’s was the main reason I upgraded.

      I agree with Mark who commented about the confusing icons/bland colours. Just wondering if there is any plan to allow users edit labels to our own activities? E.g. Flexibility training. I love the idea of the app, but I’m certain I’m not the only one wanting to use it for things other than strictly primal activities. Even just one edit-able icon would be helpful!
      Also, pretty annoying to only have the choice to use ONE of the “8th primal activities” for my $3.79. Especially since I still have ads 😦


      • I’m sorry to hear that! I’ll look into what is going on.

        One other thing you can try is to simply close and force quit the application. Do that by double pressing the home button then swiping up on the little card image of the primal days app. When you open again, let me know if you have ads showing still or not. Meanwhile, I’ll poke around and see if I can find a bug that causes this.

        Thanks as well for your suggestion for a new feature. I’ll increase the priority for it, since as you pointed out it’s been requested before. That said, for various reasons it isn’t actually as straightforward as it should be, so I can’t commit to doing it.

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