Next Turn

Planning on experiencing the Tyranny of Dragons, but worried about keeping track of your party, the monsters, and all their various initiative scores, hit point totals, conditions, and who goes in what order?



Next Turn is the only universal app (supports iPhone and iPad) that manages D&D Fifth Edition combat so you can focus on the fun of the game and let technology keep track of what is going on from turn to turn and round to round.

The app has been optimized for speedy usage and play through — we don’t want you to get bogged down in your device any more than in the books!









For the Dungeon Master, Next Turn lets you enter and manage PC’s and Monsters hit points, initiative, and conditions. Don’t worry about recreating the whole character sheet — You’ll still roll your own D20’s to attack. Let the app handle tracking HP’s, conditions like poisoned or prone, and when monsters (or PC’s) are unconscious or dead.


Optionally, you can record Armor Class, Passive Perception, or even take more detailed notes such as recording base attacks or entering the full set of base attributes and saving throws.




R – Reaction
D – Dodge Action
H – Helping Action

S – Surprised
I – Incapacitated (can be triggered by other conditions like Paralyzed)
U – Unconscious (and Incapacitated — Managed on Heal/Wound Screen)
X – Dead
Other conditions accessed via Tap-and-Hold on S (or …) Button

1. Tap each character to show they’ve acted for the Round.
2. Tap the Character Portrait to apply Wounds or Healing.
3. Swipe left to delete.
4. Shake to advance to Next Round.
5. Remember, you can set things up so either you can roll your own initiative dice, or have the app roll for you — on a character by character basis.
6. When you skip over characters, they will automatically be marked as readied (highlighted Green).
7. Tap and Hold ‘S’ to access additional conditions.
8. Tap and Hold ‘R’ to access additional actions.
9. Tap and Hold the ‘New Combat’ button to automatically remove all NPC’s from the combat and reset PC’s to full Hit Points.
10. Tap New Combat to Re-Roll Initiative and Reset Characters as Not Having Acted.
11. If you have the “Alert” feat, simply bump your initiative score by 5.

You can put as much or as little as you want into the app for each character or monster:

  • You can simply name characters and enter initiative results (dexterity checks) manually at the beginning of combat and the app will keep turn order for you.
  • If you also input initiative score, the app can roll initiative as well.
  • Input hit points, and then you can track wounds and healing.
  • If you input the full stats (not the full character sheet, just base attributes and saves), then you can use it as a reference to, for example, look up the strength modifier or wisdom save. See this by tapping on the character or monster portrait.
  • You can even go crazy, and type in the base attacks and properties in the notes section (just tap on that green box when making or updating a character). You can then reference all of that on the main combat screen simply by tapping on the character/monster portrait. (Note, that feature isn’t supported on the iPhone 4s or below.) This is my favorite way of using the app, and many DM’s report that they love this as it can act as their full reference for the combat!

More About the Library
NPC’s/Monsters are copied (or cloned) into the battle. This creates Monster #1, Monster #2, etc. This way, if you want to go back and add more of the same into the combat, it is easy to do. PC’s are moved back and forth between the library and combat.



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