Next Pass

Enjoy the tabletop Shadowrun Fifth Edition RPG experience, but wish that the technology had moved beyond pen and paper and dice?

Get the app that Diehard Gamefan calls a “freakin’ Godsend” for use in complex adventures:


Next Pass is an initiative manager for Shadowrun Fifth Edition. It is an iPhone and iPad app for the GM, and seamlessly manages the in’s and out’s of initiative, interrupt actions, and modifiers.

Shot w Mods

Let technology take care of figuring out who goes when and how often. But don’t worry, you can still shake all the dice you want. Next Pass will let you either roll dice and input results, or you can let the app roll for you. Or combine the two modes — let players roll for themselves and input their results to the app (we know they never fudge), and let the app automatically calculate initiative for NPC’s.

Shot NP Rolls

Shot Enter Rolls

Includes buttons on the main screen to quickly apply interrupt actions such as Full Defense or any of the various actions that cost 5 Initiative, the ability to add up to 9 copies of an NPC with a single tap (perfect for Grunts and Gangers), over two dozen character portraits, the ability to take or use photos, and most importantly a streamlined design that will let you focus on playing rather than tedious game mechanics.

Available on the app store… Now.


Shot Detail

Contact here (email, comment, or tweet) for any support questions or issues. Email support (at)

From Eiger Tech LLC


1. Tap each character to show they’ve acted for the turn.
2. Swipe left on a character to delete (“Terminate”) them. From combat, this will NOT result in a permanent deletion — characters will be moved into the library (except for copies of NPC’s, they will be deleted). Swiping to delete in the library WILL permanently delete the character.
3. Shake on the main screen to advance to the next pass or next round as appropriate.
4. Remember, you can set things up so either you can roll your own initiative dice (and input the results of base initiative value + dice result), or have the app roll for you — on a character by character basis.
5. Next Pass now automatically advances to the Next Pass/Round once all characters have acted (and if no one is delayed). If you don’t like this feature, open the about screen and shake your device to disable it. (There will be a settings page for this in a future version).
6. If a character is added in during the middle of a round (i.e., when on Pass 2 or higher), if the app rolls initiative for the character, it will also automatically subtract 10 from that initiative score per pass that has gone by (per the rules).
7. When you skip over characters in the Initiative order, they will automatically be marked as delayed.
8. Tap and Hold the “New Combat” button to automatically remove all NPC’s from the combat.
9. If you make multiple copies of an NPC when adding them to the combat from the Library, that NPC will be treated like a template. The number of copies will move in, but the base definition of the NPC will remain in the library (so you can go back and add more copies if needed).
10. When you select a PC to add to the combat from the library (or indicate only one copy of an NPC which has not been previously copied), then that character will be MOVED into the combat and only appear in the combat list. They will no longer be shown in the library. Don’t worry, when you “Terminate” them from the combat, they will move back into the library.

Shot Stark
11. If you change a characters Initiative Rating (for example if they go Astral or full VR), the app will automatically roll and apply the new initiative for the character. This includes when initiative dice are lost — the app will roll the appropriate dice and reduce the Score by that amount.
12. Tap on a characters portrait in the upper right of the create or modify screen to select a new random portrait, or double tap to skip all the way to a blank square (filled with character’s first initial, or initial + number for those numerous Grunts).
13. The app supports multiple modes for Initiative, Astral, VR, Hot Sim. Explore “full stats” for your character to enter the appropriate values and thus have the option to switch modes from the character detail screen.
14. Next Pass uses the interpretation of Interrupt Actions that states that a character can perform an Interrupt Action if they have any positive Initiative Score (i.e. 1 or higher). If you want the app to support the option that says the character must have enough Initiative to pay for the action, please comment below. Also, does this mean 5 or 10, or 6 or 11?
15. Keep forgetting about delayed timers on grenades? Simply add a “Grenade” character and set it’s initiative to 0.

16.  Try entering the name of one of the combat drugs in the notes for a character – like “Jazz” or “Kamikaze.” Then tap and hold the -5 button — pretty cool, huh?
17. Finally, remember you can always simply tap “Overwrite Initiative” on the detail page for any character to tell the app what that character’s Initiative Score should be right now — irrespective of any modifiers.


18 thoughts on “Next Pass

  1. Full time college student here trying to run a new group of players, and a copy of this would go far in easing my headaches. Any freebies left?

  2. Nice work. Good features. This is really going to make gaming easier. But, we need to option to enter x+yD6, not just x+2D6, for the app to calculate. Just rolling dice for those other initiatives and hand entering it is an okay work-around, for now, but is unacceptable in the long term for a $5 app.

    • Quentin,

      I’m glad you like the app overall. Sorry for the confusion, but you can definitely roll x + yD6 for every character. I agree a $5 app should definitely support that capability! When you create or edit a character, you should see a text input field (which you are using to define the x), and next to that it says +2D6 and next to that is a -/+ button. Simply tap the + or – to adjust y (or the amount of dice to roll).

      Initiative Rating +3D6

      I use the -/+ button because it is much easier to enforce the rule that initiative dice must be only 1 through 5. Do you think a slider would be better?

      Please let me know if you have any other questions,

  3. Is there any way to turn the annoying machinegun-sound off after each round? Setting volume to 0 on my ipad seems to be ignored by the app. Please fix, it prevents using the app silently.

    • You can mute the sound from the iPad settings, but it is a little tricky to do. What you need to do is mute the “ringer and alerts,” not the overall “volume.” You can do this in Settings -> Sounds -> Ringer and Alerts (see screen shot). I have turned on the “change with buttons” option, which means the up/down buttons on my iPad and iPhone control this setting, but I can’t remember if that is default. I do know with that setting on, if I simply tap down until it goes to zero, that mutes the sound effect in Next Pass.

      iPad Settings

  4. Thx for the quick reply, changing the settings you mentioned turns off the Next-Pass sound but logically also turns off any other notification sound on the ipad which is not an option. Why has to be there a sound anyway? I doesn’t provide any functionality at all. Don’t get me wrong it is a totally nice piece of software but for 5$ the least thing I expect is to be able to mute the sound without messing around with ipad core-settings. Even worse on the iphone to get rid of the sound you have to switch off the ringtone of your phone?…please fix

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