Baby Bites


Has your doctor asked you to track the introduction of solid foods for your Little One, but having trouble keeping up?

Trying to space new foods by a few days, but losing track?

Want to make sure you introduce a good variety of foods to LO, and avoid falling into a rut?

Baby Bites is the app for you!

Baby Bites

Are you using baby-led weaning for your little one? Baby Bites lets you track the introduction and acceptance of foods, and provides easy to use sorting features to make sure you re-visit foods that weren’t preferred.

I’ve found, and many recommendations state, that re-introducing even strongly disliked foods repeatedly (even if just for a taste) can quickly turn a picky eater into one that enjoys a variety of food. Similarly, you may need to keep track of foods to which your LO had a bad reaction — either to avoid completely, or to carefully reintroduce at a later date.

No matter what your food introduction needs, Baby Bites has you covered!

Available Now!

1. Tap a food to add or remove it from a meal.
2. Tap and Hold a Food to rate it.
3. Use the ‘x’ rating to indicate foods to avoid.
4. Remember, you can add your own foods at any time.
5. You can edit the details of a meal, changing the date or time, or even write your own notes for the meal.
6. Meal notes are also accessible from the main screen by tapping on the ‘paper’ icon in the corner of the meal.
7. Deleting a meal or food is permanent.
8. Configure the spacing you want between introducing new foods (the default is 4 days).
9. When adding a meal for today, if foods have already been newly introduced within your defined window, the meal title will be orange to remind you to avoid new foods.
10. On the main page, any meals with new foods introduced within your defined window (e.g., 4 days) will have their titles in orange. You can tap on the meal to see which new food was introduced. Also, on the food tab, when you use the ‘First’ Sort, foods introduced within this timeframe will also be highlighted.



8 thoughts on “Baby Bites

    • You can change the time and date of the meal from the same screen where you add notes.

      Baby Bites Edit

      To change the date, simply tap on the left or right arrows next to the date/time label.
      To change the time, simply tap one of the buttons below marked breakfast-snack-lunch-tea-dinner.

      You can’t set the specific time, but this will set a ballpark time, which should be good enough (and is less fiddly than using a picker to set the exact hour and minutes, which I figured wasn’t critical).

    • Yes, there is a rating system. Basically, you tap and hold and mark it as an ‘x’ to indicate an allergy or something to totally avoid. You can also rate 1-3 on how much it is liked if it isn’t an ‘x’.

    • Try again just shows foods that were rated low (no or half star) higher in the list – that way you can easily see what wasn’t liked in the past to give it another try. But it will still show all foods – it is a sort of the list, more than a filter.

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