Eiger Tech LLC is simply the result of me, as a new dad, taking a break from the grind of middle management to make stuff. To make apps (for gaming and fitness), to make stories, and to make time for my growing family.

I’m keeping it up as best as possible:

Privacy Policy: I don’t want your data, if I end up with some of it, I won’t share it or sell it in any way!

Terms of Use: What I make is my best effort, but you need to be responsible for your own entertainment, and the health of your family.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. How do I import custom pics? Is there a specific resolution that they need to be? Everyone that I have tried so far gets cut off at the upper left regardless of attempt to zoom in and crop to the face.

    • Sorry about that. Import image is suffering from an Apple bug I haven’t figure out how to work around yet. Here is the best method:
      1) pre-edit the photo to save a square version (any resolution will be fine), cropped appropriately.
      2) save it in an app like Dropbox
      3) select it from the Dropbox app, then select “open in”
      4) choose Next Turn (or Next Pass) – that will import the image properly.

      Sorry for all the steps, but that is the best way.

      An easy alternate is to use the camera – if you can just take a photo of what you want, then that will work immediately. Simply select “take photo” instead of “use photo” and it will bring up the camera.

      • I should add – you can turn this into a bit of a silver lining. I now use dropbox to manage a library of photos, then I can quickly use “open in” to bring the one I want into the gaming app!

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