Next Turn Version 1.5 Is Here – Export Monsters To Your Friends!

The new version lets you export and import monsters.

And it supports some PC states like Barbarian Rage and Druid Wild Shape.

Get your update, or buy your copy!


Next on the hopper is Version 3.0 of Next Pass. That is going to be a big one – it is out for beta testing now. Hit me up if you want to be a tester.


3 thoughts on “Next Turn Version 1.5 Is Here – Export Monsters To Your Friends!

  1. PROS: All the essential parts are included in order to maintain your initiative during 5th Edition D&D Combat. Adding your own images is easy. Basic stats (AC, HP, etc…) to PC icons is a plus.
    CONS: App crashed 2x in first 30 minutes of usage (during adding PC/NPCs on a iPhone 6s plus). Apps overall design is quite low (looks like it’s from the 90s). Tapping ’S’ to mark character as ‘surprised’ but holding it to set conditions is clunky and sometimes confusing. Many buttons are too small for quick easy reading and usage. Instructions or Intro Slideshow isn’t terribly helpful and if you miss a section you have to wait for it to play through before replaying again to see the section you missed. Many stats are also too small for small to medium sized encounters (4 players + 4 monsters average).
    VERDICT: This app, while updated recently and relevant, feels over-priced and clunky for what you hope will make the task of tracking initiative easier. Watch for updates that might resolve the CONS but barring that, you’ll likely be better off with another developer’s app. The app does have potential though.

    • Thanks for letting me know about the crashes — it turns out there was a problem with the crash reporting, so I wasn’t getting any notices. I’ll look into that right away.

      FYI, everything that can be done by from the main combat screen for conditions or healing can also be accessed with clearly labeled buttons on the npc info screen. Just hit the (i) button at the right edge, and you’ll see buttons for heal, conditions, etc., The intent with the tap-and-hold is speedier access once you get more familiar with the app.

      On your last point – what do you mean that “stats are too small” for small to medium size encounters? Do you mean the HP, AC, etc., icons on the portrait? If so, those are the same (for better or worse) irrespective of the number of creatures in the encounter. I’m not sure I follow that point.

      Finally, I’m working on centralizing some better tips/instructions. In-app instructions are usually tough to do well, so i’ll add something to this site.

      Thanks for the feedback. Overall, I hope the app helps run your games better.

      • Morning! Thanks for replying so quickly! I do hope you took the ‘review’ in the spirit as to which it was intended. Your app feels like you’ve put a lot of thought into it and I’d love to encourage more refinements (and perhaps more ‘like’ apps?!) through feedback. 🙂

        In regards to easy access, I believe it’s a case of developer vs user experience. After setting up combat with PCs, NPCc, Monsters, etc… We have our basic ‘list’ of turn order. Great! However each design ‘element’ (Numbers on PC, NPC, etc… ‘picture’ are one style, name of PC, NPC, etc… is another, “S” / “R” button is another, “i” button is another) within the combat screen is slightly different and thus hard to read. I’m sure it’ll get easier with use but feel it’s worth mentioning. It feels like it could be a bit easier to read and make selections through a little different design choices that might help suggest tap vs press & hold functions. Just an opinion though! 😉

        In regards to ‘stats are too small’ I think I wasn’t terribly clear here. I’m referencing a lot of the font sizes throughout the app that feel like they could be a bit bigger (i.e. when tapping a PCs ‘picture’ during combat and shown the Strength, Dexterity, etc… scores. Quite small.

        There are many visual/design choices you made that feel odd to me when using the app (though admittedly only used in-game once so far). Some examples:
        1. The slide and twist animation when cancelling out of the character’s screen in-combat.
        2. The various sized and colored buttons within the screen mentioned above.
        3. From one screen to the next it doesn’t feel like the same same app (as in above vs info screen of a character during combat).
        4. When entering in a PC’s attributes the fill-boxes move around on the screen, odd! 😉
        5. The ‘sound effects’ are perhaps a little weird.
        6. The stock images cannot be removed, which if you never use them get in the way.
        7. It feels like it could be a little more visually clear and obvious which character is up next. I know you’ve got him/her/it highlighted but in various environments a mild highlight may not be enough.

        I know I’m hitting you a little hard with all these opinions but it’s because I believe your app could be easily the best on the app store with some more user-friendly visuals and features. With the addition of those I believe your asking price would be met with great enthusiasm! 😉 Plus a link on your website for customer support might be nice 😉


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