Baby Bites Bug Found — Fix Coming Soon

Sorry for the bad news, but hopefully Apple will approve the fix quickly.


If you attempt to rate a food already added to your meal (by tap-and-hold-ing on a food in the upper green portion of the meal detail screen) when NO meals are listed below (in the white portion, for example if a search or sort/filter means no other foods are shown), the app will crash.

The work-around is simple:
Just make sure to clear out any search, or change any sort, such that meals are shown in the lower (white) section before rating foods that are already part of the meal you are modifying.

Again, sorry for the issue. The fix is submitted and should be coming soon! (hopefully in 1-2 weeks)


3 thoughts on “Baby Bites Bug Found — Fix Coming Soon

  1. I like Next Turn, it pretty much does everything I want it to do, but there are a few minor but annoying issues. The main issue is that character picture with AC/HP/Passive Perception is a great idea, but the icon is too small to be read on a phone screen (5S). Having to input characters twice to be able to use the tracker on the phone and iPad is a bit of a chore, and it’d be nice if there was a shortcut to note Barbarian rage or (especially) a Druid’s shapeshift.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I agree that the icons are a bit small on the phone. I’ll see if I can play around with the sizing in the next update to clean that up.

      What do you think about a basic save to iCloud, load from iCloud kind of feature to move characters back and forth? That might be something I could tackle (no promises, it might be a bit tough, and/or take longer than I have available for the next little while).

      Finally, what do you mean about noting rage and shape shift? Do you mean just recording somewhere a reminder of what those states do to the character, or do you mean note that they are IN such a state, and then turning that indication off when it no longer applies? If the latter (just marking they are raging, or shifted), what do you think about adding it to the state list (along with blinded, deaf, etc etc.?) That would be a cheap and cheerful way for me to easily add that.

      Thanks again for reaching out — these are all great observations. BTW, and help you could give in spreading the word on the app would be much appreciated (including leaving a review in the app store, which helps raise visibility).

      • Just realised I commented on the wrong post like a massive idiot. 😀

        The iCloud solution would be perfect, I think. Rage (and a bunch of other effects) last a minute, which is 10 rounds. Tracking the number of rounds left in Rage might be handy. But just having it as a state that can be selected as a reminder would be pretty useful too.

        Shapeshifting’s a bit more fiddly. The Druid gains the HP of the form she’s shifted to, and reverts back to her “base” HP when she goes back to human form no matter how much damage the animal form took (unless the form was dropped below 0 HP, in which case the human form takes the excess). So… yeah. 😀

        If you’re desperately short of suggestions, a tracker for what spell slots / class features (Channel Divinity, Rage, whatever) are available/have been used could be good?

        Thanks for the response! I’ll definitely get an App Store review written as soon as I’ve had a bit more time with it.

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