Next Turn Is Coming…

Are you fired up about D&D Fifth Edition (aka D&D Next)? I am!

Inspired by the way Next Pass helped smooth out running a Shadowrun combat, I knew I had to take a crack at D&D 5e. This edition of D&D has really worked on streamlining the rules and providing a simple and clear mechanic. Certainly, it doesn’t have the inherent complexity that Shadowrun brings to initiative!

That said, there is some complexity when you factor in Thief’s Reflexes and the new Feral Instinct ability released in the Player’s Handbook.

With Next Turn, I decided to tackle more than just initiative though. I have a full combat management app that lets you track hit points, tells you whether characters or monsters are unconscious or dead, tracks conditions, and much more!

Coming on the iTunes App Store on September 7th!



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