App #2 — Primal Days — is submitted

Following the paleo or primal lifestyle, but find yourself needing a nudge to stay on track? Want to start the new year off right?

I’ve been primal for a few years now, and I find that after this much time, I need a bit of a reminder to keep me focused. Really, I need some accountability to keep me honest with myself about the choices I make.

Primal Days does just that.

I’ve been using it for a month and as a result I find I’m better about walking everyday (though the fact that that calms the little one helps!), I’m much better about getting sun (or now, taking my pills since it is so cold), and I’m finally starting to workout more regularly again.

Beta users report they are walking more, more diligent about their daily fish oil, and more consistent about eating paleo/primal.

Once Primal Days is available (iPhone and iPad), hopefully you’ll check it out and see whether the fun and easy-to-use activity tracker helps you too!


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