Who Has a Good Game Planned for the Weekend?

I’m taking a couple of weeks off.

Then playing SR5, followed by DM’ing D&D (5e).

Using my apps, natch.


Next Pass is Dead, Long Live Next Pass!!!

Next Pass 3.0 is out. Now features full combat management – wound tracking, automatically calculated initiative and wound penalties, full attribute tracking if desired.

Also supports the same export and import capability previously made available in Next Turn. So, PC’s, download your copy and pre-gen your character, including a custom character portrait, then send to your GM before your next game.

Major Update!


NEXT Major Updates Coming!

First, I’m adding export and import (via email, cloud-assisted) to Next Turn.

This way, DM’s can trade monster’s they’ve made. Players can email their DM their character. And I might have a monster or two to share if you ask.

(Target: this month)

Then, I’m going to bring statistics, notes, and WOUND TRACKING to Next Pass. I’ve been holding off on this for a while, but now it is time. GM’s – one place to track initiative AND whether your goons are down or not!

(Target: next month)